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Bearded Kingsmen
  • Bearded Kingsmen

    The Bearded Kingsmen’s Beard Oil and Beard Butter are just what you need to maintain a moisturized and shiny beard that leaves the skin under your beard hydrated and healthy.


    Beard Butter: apply a small amount to clean skin after showering or washing your face, apply butter to tips of your finger press down until you can feel the skin under your beard and massage in.

    Beard Oil: apply a few drops into your hand, rub hands together then comb through beard entirely.

    Note: if beard butter has been applied avoid pressing down to skin as to not overlap and create an over greasy look and feel.


    Beard Butter: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Hyaluronic Acid Powder, Niacinamide, Rose Water, Jojoba Oil, Grape seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Preservative and Fragrance Oil.

    Beard Oil: Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Grape seed Oil, Castro Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

    Always test on a small area of skin before use

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